A Home

A Home

With anything new, it only seems fitting to christen it in some way. So with a blog, a first post.

I've gotten to that point where I feel the need to collect what I've done (and my thoughts) in some place relatively easy to find. It became time I get my own domain and configure a website. This exists as a place to blog my ideas (that may not fit in any professional or company context) and to collect resources from my public speaking engagements, meetups, or just things I want to remember.

Hopefully this can serve as a launching-off points and a resource for others as well. I can't promise I'll post regularly, but I can promise I'll make an effort to collect everything in one place.

Happy browsing.

Edit: You may notice content that happens before this despite it being an introductory post. I have made it a point to try and collect all of my writing in one place, so I have retroactively added some blogs I wrote for other sites here.