Pipelines and 20-sided die, SREs & RPGs

Tabletop DevOps logo in the style of Settlers of Catan
Pipelines and 20-sided die, SREs and RPGs, we're talking DevOps for your Tabletop!

For the past decade you've been restricted to DevOps in your terminal, now it's time for DevOps for your tabletop! Bringing together two of my favorite ways to bring people together, Tabletop DevOps is about technologists getting together and enjoying some fun with board games. Sometimes these games will be tech-themed and maybe sometimes provide us with interesting insights into how we do collaborative work with our industry peers, but all the time we aim to have fun and remember that DevOps is People.

Come join us in the fun, streaming monthly on Twitch.tv/CrayZeigh!

Or for individual episode pages, use this link!