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Aaron Aldrich is a Community Builder at Elastic and a founding organizer of the DevOps CT meetup & DevOpsDays Hartford 2017. He is passionate for connecting humans and using technology to enhance our natural inclination to connect with eachother. His writing can occasionally be found on crayzeigh.com if it's greater than 140 characters or on twitter @crayzeigh if fewer.


In general, I'll share my slides out using my slideshare account. That's here:

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Future Events

It turns out I'm really bad at updating this. I'm in the process of moving things over to Notist and this will all update once that's done.

Past Events

While some may be the same talks I'll often update or edit slides between appearances; most talks are relatively off-the-cuff and content from one iteration of a talk may not perfectly match another. So I've uploaded each time I've talked. Usually the latest one is the best.



  • DevOpsDays Hartford
    • Organizer/MC
    • This turned out better than I could have expected! Very happy with everything.
  • DevOpsDays DC - Better Living Through Storytelling (Ignite)
  • Arrested DevOps - Devopsdays Toronto 2017 With Roderick Randolph, Arthur Maltson, Aaron Aldrich, And Amy Mansell (ADO87)
  • DevOpsDays Toronto - Managing Fires
  • DevOpsDays Seattle - Managing Fires
  • Zenoss GalaxZ'17 - Skeptics in the Church of Data Getting Evangelical
  • DevOpsDays Nashville - Better Living through Storytelling (Ignite)
  • DevOpsDays Madison - Humane Treatment of OnCall Engineers (Ignite)
  • DevOpsDays Ohio - Reducing the Burden of the OnCall Rotation
  • VictorOps DevOps Roadtrip NYC - Managing Fires
  • PMI Roundtable - What is DevOps and how does it relate to Agile?
  • CD Summit & Jenkins Days Denver - The Humane Treatment of On-Call Engineers
  • Agile CT - What is DevOps?