Organizing Community

One of my favorite parts of the DevOps movement is how it brings people together. I love bringing people together, especially those that might not otherwise sit in the same room together or approach each other at a party. Here are some things that I do to try and bring people together:

DevOps CT Meetup

  • Co-Founder & Organizer

I was first really introduced into a DevOps community in April of 2016 at DevOpsDays Rockies. When I got back from that trip I was excited to continue that camaraderie I felt while I was out in that techy community. First thing I did was sit down and search for DevOps meetups in CT and found nothing. I looked online and couldn't find anyone building that type of communal environment in my local state. So I decided that I'd be that person.

I decided to form DevOpsCT with a co-worker of mine and invite anyone doing DevOps, or wanting to do DevOps, or not sure what DevOps is, to join us one Tuesday a month after work to talk about the issues that interest us and the problems that we face daily.

DevOpsDays Hartford 2017

  • Organizer

Continuing my passion for things DevOps, I decided that the DevOpsDays conference needed to come to Connecticut as well. Starting the end of 2016 a core team from DevOpsCT decided to organize our own DevOpsDays conference and bring the magic to our home state for October 10th and 11th.