2018 Coming at ya

I may have rode out 2017 on vacation, but I feel like I'm full-on cartoon, legs spinning in the air before I hit the ground running into 2018. It's not really much, but for me, just starting really doing this Developer Relations and Evangelism thing full-time, it feels like a lot.

First, I need to generate a couple of more CFPs. Which is fine. I have ideas, I just need to actually get down to working on them AND I need to shake this feeling that it's something I don't do during the work day. Adjustments are hard.

But I'm already going to be PLACES this month.


January 10th is CodeMash out in Ohio. It's the first time I'm going, but I've heard some great things about the conference. It has a soft kickoff the day or two before, but I'll be out on the 10th and participating in the lightining talks Wednesday night!

DevOpsDays New York City

Awesome! I'm so excited to be participating in a DevOpsDays already in January! Come out if you're nearby, tickets are incredibly affordable and the content is always fantastic.

DevOps CT

We already have a meetup scheduled in January, which is normal, and I'm at most of these, but I'm excited that we're still running this meetup and I'll keep talking about it if I can :).

Elasticsearch Boston

I'm going to try to be here too! There's cool stuff to be talked about and cool people in Boston. If you're at all interested in Elastic Stack or if you work with it daily, come out and share!

It's a bunch of really cool things happening in just one month. And maybe this is a bit of shameless self-promotion, but I'm excited about everything going on and I want to share! Will I see you there?

Aaron Aldrich

Aaron Aldrich